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Certified Organic Seed Garlic Grown in Northeast Washington State

Free From White Rot, Garlic Bloat Nematodes, and Allium Leaf Miners

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Here at Mountain Valley Garlic we have a reputation for high-quality seed and great customer service.  Our customers love our Seed Garlic Samplers as a great way to get started growing garlic.  They come with our Guide to Growing Garlic to teach you the "ins & outs" of growing great garlic.  For those already on their garlic growing adventure, a few of our specialty varieties include Carpathian, Susan Delafield, and Chesnok Red.   


If you're looking for Certified Organic, Certified Seed potatoes we offer 20 varieties from classics like Yukon Gold and Red Norland to our family favorites like German Butterball and Yukon Gem.  Don't forget to check out our selection of heirloom fingerling potatoes for a special selection of tender, gourmet potatoes.

Mountain Valley Garlic is a small family farm located in Northeastern Washington state. We offer high-quality heirloom garlic and Certified Seed potatoes for home and market gardeners.  With over two decades of experience in organic gardening and almost 15 years growing for the organic seed market, we have the skills necessary to bring high-quality seed garlic and seed potatoes to your home or market garden.  Great produce comes from quality seed, producing quality seed comes from years of experience, education, and dedication.  

Our garlic and soil are tested and confirmed clean from white rot and garlic bloat nematodes, and we live in an area free from Allium Leaf Miners (ALM).  Each bulb is carefully inspected for signs of disease or damage and our fields are routinely tested for common garlic pests and pathogens.   We do not ship our garlic until October, as many diseases and pathogens need time to fully present themselves.  Garlic shipped too early may deteriorate before planting season, shipping later in the season allows for any underlying problems to present themselves and be culled before being sent to our customers.  

Garlic and potatoes are perishable products, please remove your seed from its box and inspect it upon delivery.  We stand behind our products 100%.  If you are unhappy with the quality of your seed, please contact us with your concerns before planting.

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Organic Seed Garlic

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