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Garlic Patch

Organic Farming since 2010

Hello, we're The Winniford Family!   We live in Northeast Washington, outside of the Colville area on a beautiful farm tucked into a small mountain valley.  We have been growing organic garlic since 2010 and growing garlic for the Certified Organic seed market since 2013.  We have grown garlic for several large retailers and in 2020 decided to branch out on our own.  We love getting to serve our customers directly and hear their garlic growing success stories.  We work hard to make sure you're happy with your garlic purchase and hope to provide you with the resources to be successful in your gardening adventure.  

Our garlic is rotated around our 8-acre garden with a variety of other crops.  We love to grow vegetables and herbs and grow for a variety of markets.  Our vegetable garden feeds our family and our neighbors, provides a steady supply of fresh veggies for our community food banks, and the best of the crop is saved for seed.  You can find our vegetable seeds through the Snake River Seed Cooperative, a wonderful employee/grower owned seed company that provides open pollinated seeds through a collaboration of Inland Northwest vegetable growers.  We also grow large volumes of botanical herbs and flowers, most of these herbs go to supply a niche group of organic distillers of high-quality plant and flower waters known as hydrosols.  We also distill some of these herbs and flowers into hydrosols ourselves to sell through our line of Organic herbs and herbal skin care products.  You can learn more about this process and the products we offer on our Mountain Valley Botanics website.

We love farming and gardening and feel blessed to do this for our living.  The love and care that goes into our plants is evident in the products we send our customers.  Give us a try and I think you'll agree.

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