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Growing Shallots


Shallots are similar to garlic in that they prefer a loose, well-worked, loamy soil with good drainage.  They should be planted in late Fall for best yields, but can be planted in early Spring as soon as the soil is workable.  Plant shallots 8-12" apart, with about 1/2-1" of soil over the top.   Water deeply at root level and not around the bulb. If flower stalks form, cut them off.


Begin to taper off water as leaves turn brown.  Shallots are ready to harvest when they have fallen over and the leaves are mostly brown.  Spread the bulbs out in a shady area to dry for several weeks before clipping the tops and roots. For best storage, keep in a cool and dark place with moderate humidity.  We find our shallots store for 10-14 months.

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