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German Butterball potatoes are our favorite potatoes.  They have netted yellow skin and yellow, butter colored flesh. These buttery round potatoes are my first choice for roasting or fried cottage potatoes.  This family favorite was our "gateway" potato; our first homegrown potato that showed us there was a whole world outside of Russets and Reds. 


I find these potatoes to be more of a mid-season potato in my 5b/6a growing zone but others list them as a late season.  So if you're hesitant to try a late season potato, try these instead of Elba and see our growing page for directions on chitting (pre-sprouting) your potatoes to get a jump start on the season.


​Potatoes must be ordered separately from garlic.

Late season, high yields, and excellent storage.  3-6 potatoes per pound of seed

95-105 days to maturity


*Flat Rate Shipping applies to all of our orders per shipment

Western States  $8.95

Central States $11.95

Eastern States & AK $14.95

German Butterball

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  •  All seed potato is Certified Organic and Certified Seed Potato

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