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August Newsletter

August is a busy month around here. Every aspect of our farm is in overdrive, and we are loving every minute of it. Currently we spend a lot of our time harvesting and distilling our aromatic herbs into our beautiful hydrosols; but it's almost time to go back to the shade of the garlic barn and spend some time cleaning those big, beautiful bulbs. It'll take us a week or 2 to get the 25,000 bulbs cleaned and sorted by size but it's my favorite part of the garlic growing process. We will trim the roots and tops and then gently brush off the dirty wrappers. Bin after bin until we see garlic in our dreams. Then the garlic will all get packed into a temperature and humidity-controlled environment where it will sit until shipping time. Our wholesale and Alaska orders will ship the first week of September and all other orders will begin shipping the first week of October. We have been asked why we wait to ship our garlic until October. We do this because we want to be sure you have the best quality product possible when it's time to plant your garlic. Garlic needs to be stored properly, away from heat and moisture, or it may begin to deteriorate. Additionally, some pest and fungal issues take time to fully present themselves; we want that to happen on our watch so that those bulbs can be culled. When we ship your garlic in October, you can be certain that your seed has been visually inspected during the cleaning/grading process in August and then again when your order is packed in October. If we won't plant it, we won't ship it. We stand behind our garlic 100%. If you haven't ordered your 2022 planting stock, now is a great time. We still have plenty of stock left and lots of big bulbs to send to happy gardeners. We hope your garlic crops are abundant and your gardens keep you well fed. Please feel free to reach out if you have questions. Save 10% on German Red through the month of August. Sincerely, Andrew and Kristine Winniford New to growing garlic? Check out our FAQ's page: Garlic Frequently Asked Questions Page Looking to plant a variety? Check out our garden samplers: Garlic Sampler Page Our samplers feature adaptable varieties that do well across Northern and Southern* parts of the US, they also come with our Guide to Growing Garlic to give you the knowledge needed to get your garlic off to a great start. Garlic samplers can have shallots or 1-pound bags of mixed culinary garlic as add-ons at a substantial discount. *Southern growers who do not experience at least 6-8 weeks of temps below 40* should vernalize their garlic by storing it in the fridge for 6-12 weeks before planting.

Our spiciest Rocambole, German Red has long been a favorite of Northern home gardeners. Great all-around flavor for both cooking and eating raw. This heirloom, hardneck garlic has loose clove wrappers making it the easiest to peel garlic. Double cloves (2 cloves in one wrapper) are common. 8-10 medium sized cloves. Learn more about German Red HERE and save 10% through August.

Did you know we distill organic herbs into hydrosols?

Learn more about the herbs and the distillation process on our website Mountain Valley Botanics Plus, we're currently offering Buy 1 Get One FREE with coupon code ENDOFSEASON.

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